Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fashionable Dancers

As I walked into school yesterday I noticed how well and different all my friends dressed.  Some wear comfy dance attire to school and others dress like they walked out of Vogue magazine.  I can also see a lot about each ones individual personality in how they dress and also the mood they are in that day.  My friend Gabby was wearing a super cute dress with boots while my other friend Vira wore black harem pants with a jacket from Intermix and a cropped top.  Both outfits are completely different, but they were both dressed to impress.

Here is a picture of the both of them, Vira on the left and Gabby on the right

 In NYC most college students do dress to impress since many of them are commuters.  It is not like a normal campus where you can just roll out of bed and walk three steps to your class.  Here you have to travel by train, subway, ferry or car and get to class. (You might as well take a plane in some cases) Doing this means that you must walk through Manhattan and be seen by hundreds of people just on your short walk down Lexington Avenue, which might as well be a runway.  So dress like a rockstar, or like a model but make sure to BYou!



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