Saturday, November 16, 2013


In my posts lately I have been posting fashion choices with my friends in more of a grunge look.  Some of my friends have a different sort of style. The business, corporate attire can also be something you can have fun with.  My friend Kate had a job convention (us college students all need a job these days) and she needed to look like someone who could be taken seriously, so she slipped on an appropriate cute outfit.  After the convention she was able to take off parts of her outfit and have fun with it.  She then looked ready to go throughout her day looking sleek and clean but also sexy and cute.  This outfit is something that I think every girl can wear any day they are feeling like they want to have a more sexy edge, but still look like a person who means business.

Above Kate in her business cas outfit

Kate really pulls this outfit off and defiantly has fun with out.  By adding the black wedges and black knee high socks she adds her own flavor to this business look.  Anyone can pull off this outfit if they add the right pieces together and add their style in accessories.  If you wake up feeling like you mean business slip on an outfit like Kate! But don't forget to make it your own and BYou:)



Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Comfy, Cozy and Cute

As the weather gets colder and the jackets get puffier, fashion becomes harder and harder.  How do you wear a cute outfit when all you care about is making sure that your nose doesn't freeze off or that your body doesn't start shaking uncontrollably.  These are all important aspects of your morning process before leaving to venture out into the chilly, fall weather.  Being cute and warm is very easy if you learn how to layer correctly.  Throw on a huge comfy scarf, or a big sweater that screams "I am cozy come cuddle with me!" All of these things will make it almost impossible for you to be freezing cold, and you will also look stylish at the same time.  What a great combo!

Here is my outfit from today!

Today I threw on a pair of purple pants from H&M and a comfy sweater also from H&M.  My scarf, which is the warmest ever, is from Urban Outfitters.  All of these items of clothing are comfy, cozy AND also super affordable for any college students wardrobe.  So throw on that huge scarf that wraps around your neck ten times and that sweater that makes you feel like you are in a cloud of warmth and walk out your door knowing you will indeed be warm and also styled in a fashion statement that is all your own to have fun with! BYou guys! 



Friday, November 1, 2013

Snapbacks and Cats too

Whenever it is that time of the week and it is time to have a night out, the outfit choice is always a dilemma.  Do you wear a dress?  Do you wear heels?  Do you wear something comfy and cas?  It totally depends on where you are going and what mood you are in on that day and at that time.  My two friends always seem to get it right in their outfit choice.  No matter what they wear it is executed to perfection and is worn with style.

Emily Claman on the left and Tori Simeone on the right.

Style when going out is super important.  It is what gets you that conversation with the cute boy or that number at the end of the night.  You have to work with what you got and wear what you want.  For me personally a fun pant, graphic tee and heels is the way to go.  You get to express who you are and be cute at the same time.  My friends seem to agree with this style option and look how awesome they look! So find the perfect graphic tee and pair it with your fave pants.  Show YOUR style and work it.  Oh and don't forget to BYou:)