Monday, October 21, 2013

BYou Fashion

Fashion is EVERYWHERE, whether you are walking down Madison Avenue or sitting on the 6 train, it is right there in your face.  Every person in this huge city of New York has their own personal style that they execute in a different way.  As you walk down Lexington Avenue you see people in Chanel, Tory Burch and other designer brands.  If you take the 6 train down to SoHo peoples style changes dramatically.  Now everywhere you look you see graphic tees from Urban Outfitters, clothing from Theory and Beverly Mitchell.  The look goes from a high fashion, designer look to a trendy "hipster" feel.  This blog is about me, Megan, and the fashion of me and the people who surround me.  Every person's style should reflect themselves, so wear red lipstick if that makes you happy just to go get coffee or wear your comfiest pair of sweats to grab dinner with a friend.  Whatever it may be, BYou.  



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